Saturday, March 30, 2002

Today's been a day of beautiful sensations... a brief walk around the park in the 60-degree weather, kids swarming the park waiting for the Easter egg hunt to start, other kids lining up to take their picture with the Easter bunny.... walking home from the library with so many books they wouldn't all fit in my backpack... finding that a sprig of cilantro in our fridge had flowered, we stuck it in a glass with some pink chysanthemums and it matches... riding home with our tuned-up bikes from the bicycle shop... resting on the porch and sleeping late... chalking a heart in my driveway and seeing that my 5-year old neighbor needed to express herself in a similar way. Tonight we're going to Easter Vigil mass and singing. There's something terribly thrilling about being present when people are getting baptized and confirmed, and when so many voices are lifted in joyous song that everything vibrates: the floor, my songbook of sheet music, the air around me.

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