Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Something really annoying happened to me today where I was exposed to rude, inconsiderate behavior. I wouldn't even mention it except for the fact that I was proud of my reaction — I behaved politely and professionally, and I stood up for myself. In the past I would have been a wimp and agreed with everything the other person said because I could maybe see their side of it too. I can still see their side, but when people get caught in some wrong-doing they try to laugh it off, and I wasn't going to laugh along just to make her feel better. {Note: this was not office related. Work is groovy.} The evening took a much nicer turn when I went over to a friend's to sing. We're not certain what just yet; we just enjoy the singing together part of it. {Luckily she can play the piano, since my piano repertoire is limited to "Martha My Dear" and various other Beatles songs; "My Cherie Amour"; and the ever-popular "Fish Heads".} In any case, harmony ensued and I had a wonderful time.

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