Saturday, June 01, 2002

Tomorrow night is the first of many piano recital nights! There are so many adult students that they have the first night all to themselves; and then the following nights will be a mixture of all ages of kids for the rest of the week. It means we have manymany nights of dressing up, taking pictures, clapping enthusiastically, and slicing up ice cream cake. We've gotten it down to a science: where to take the best photos, how to hand out programs, when to take the cake out so it's sliceable but not melted, how to make sure it gets eaten. I'm really looking forward to the whole thing. And I'm also looking forward to the end of the whole thing, because that means summer's officially started and I get waaaaaaaay more Paul hours of the day. More Paul = a good thing. While Paul's printing programs and setting up chairs, I've been under self-imposed house arrest to finish up the CD cover. So far I've done the front cover painting and two versions of the back cover to try out. {So far, so good!} It's funny; I always need to do multiple versions and then I almost always pick the first one I came up with. I think this is some kind of throwback to college, where we had to bring in 50 thumbnails of a project to show we had thought it through. It never hurts, I guess. When I was in my senior portfolio class, we had a summer assignment to come up with 100 prospective logos for your letterhead, resume, portfolio — by the first day of class I only could come up with 97 but I hoped that would probably be okay. Apparently, I was the only one who actually did anywhere near that many; most of the class did 20! Oh well, I've always been a teacher-pleaser. Anyway, the winning logo for me was somewhere in the 50's, so I guess it was a good idea. {Incidentally, the class picked it out as being the one that most represented me, and it was the little girl with braids over there on the right who became french toast girl over the years.}

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