Tuesday, February 11, 2003

As we're getting closer to The Big Day, I've been working more and more from home. Yesterday was such a day.... me, a laptop, and a hubby who made me cinnamon buns that made the whole house smell just incredible. (Incidentally, we call the baby the cinnabun... and the date on the can of buns we had yesterday was March 2, my due date! Synchronicity....) In other news, I finally finished the baby blanket I've been knitting for 4 months, late last night. It's pale yellow, with a bit of a decorative edge. I thought for sure I would have this thing in the delivery room with me, determined as all get-out to have it finished before the baby made an appearance. Phew. I keep picturing this little wiggly baby wrapped up snug in it, warm against the winter cold. I can't wait.

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