Thursday, December 04, 2003

The adrenaline I have been pumped full of for the past few days is completely gone, and the exhaustion/cold has rushed in greedily to take its place. I actually said a four-letter word today. Under my breath, several times, and to myself, but I really have to be throwing-myself-in-front-of-a-bus low before anything like that gets past my lips. Not that I'm a saint or anything, but I've never used four-letter words gratuitously - they lose their power that way. I guarantee you that if you told someone who knows me well that I said the F-word today that they would be truly shocked, and know that I was incredibly upset. Probably the last time I said one in public was 1990, New Year's Eve, and everyone in the car with me shut up real fast and paid attention to what I was saying. Right now I don't need attention. I need to multiply myself by three so that two of them can get some sleep for the me left over. Anyone have some spare magic lying around I could use?

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