Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Sophie's first Christmas! Christmas for Sophie was mostly paper and ribbons (she loved unwrapping more than the presents themselves) and spending the day in her pj's. Although... her daddy did get her a pony! Stuffed, brown with a white star and mane. She likes to feel how fluffy and soft he is, but still, nobody can take the place of her favorite Lambie. Sophie never made it through the children's mass, so neither did we. We do visit the creche in our dining room every morning, welcome baby Jesus and say thank you, and do all the animal noises for whoever's in the stable. She seems to really enjoy that. There were a hundred things I really wanted to do for Sophie's first Christmas - not out of misguided Martha-Stewartism but because I deeply wanted things to be special for her - but I was too exhausted to do much more than lay on the floor and play with her. Somehow, I think it was special to her just the same. ps ~ I have a wintry screensaver and wallpaper for downloading... you can fetch them here.

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