Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Sophie - looking better than ever. Sophie had a followup visit with the surgeon today and they said she is recovering even better than expected! She now only has to have her ointment put on at night, and no more ice pack, mittens or big plastic eye shield when she sleeps, so she will be sleeping much better. It's a huge relief for all. She still clings to us like crazy and wants her Lambie with her all the time... but who can blame her? She's been through something really traumatic. For some reason, I thought: since she's 9 months old, she won't remember the surgery. Maybe when she's 5 she won't remember it, but for her it was still just a week ago and it's still fresh. Little by little things are getting back to normal and she gets more and more like her usual, sunny self. I think time (and the fact that her teeth seem to have broken through) will go a long way towards making her feel better. I really think a lot about the "Mama Bear" instinct that came to the forefront last week - something inside knew that my daughter needed me and that everything else would just have to wait while I protected her. It's nice to know I can call on that if I need to. Cheerio! Sophie is now eating Cheerios - she ate 10 this morning, and fed them all to herself. We know they weren't still in her chubby little fists since every time she ate one, she applauded - nowhere to hide those O's when you're clapping. She's so darn proud of herself!

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