Monday, April 18, 2005

Illustration Friday: Reinvent Honey, I know all about reinvention. I had to start from scratch when I broke up with a boyfriend of 5 years and had no earthly idea what I was like without him. (Better off, for starters.) I had to readjust when I became a working woman, a wife, and you don't want to know how much reinventing I had to do when God gave me three children in two years. Now I'm reinventing myself yet again, this time as someone who eats much healthier, is way more willing to let the small stuff slide, and who wants to be in shape not (just) to look like a hot mama but to make sure I'm healthy for my family. Oh yes, and a woman who knows she must paint to survive. The funny thing is, that every time I felt like I was starting from the ground up, everything that was truly authentically me stayed just the same. And the things that changed, I either said farewell to or good riddance, because I don't need them anymore. So no matter which personna I happen to be... it's still just little me in there. (Illustration: paint, marker, napkin, paper, notebook paper, catalog page, architect's tape, and that mysterious wrapping paper makes another appearance....)

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