Thursday, April 28, 2005

Your opinons wanted! Okay, frequent readers (and not-so-frequent readers), an overhaul of the gallery is in the works! Although I don't have all my work online, I do have a lot of it up there, and it's all categorized. I'm not left with a lot of room for spontaneity. There are paintings I haven't put up since there was no category for them, and I'd like to feature newer work as well. What I want to do is have a new "best of" gallery, where I can feature about 20 or so favorites. I'll still keep all the old stuff there, in case anyone has a hankering to see and read more. The basic idea is to give a sampling of my work for anyone who wants to either hire me, purchase a print, or use an existing illustration for their publication. This is where you come in! Do you have a favorite illustration? (I-Fridays count too, although you'll have to search the blog for them - yet another thing I'm working on: getting all of them in one place.) If there's something you think should be in the new gallery, please either comment below or send me an email. Thanks! ps ~ to anyone who's ever written me about a print or original work: I'm getting my resources together now and I will be getting back to you shortly. Promise!

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