Wednesday, February 08, 2006

angels for one another

A couple of weekends ago I actually left my house (gasp!) and went to a concert (gasp!) with Snowflake and Lucky. It was for one of my all-time faves, Christine Lavin. When I heard she had an opening act, I thought, eh, who can be as cool as her? But he was fantastic - David Ippolito, who makes a living playing the guitar in Central Park.

He had a great song that keeps running through my head, about how one day you may be down, and I'm here for you, or you may get inspiration from something I say. And when I need help/a vote of confidence, you're there for me. It's a good way to be.

And so here's my official thanks, to anyone who reads this blog and has ever gotten anything out of it, or written back. Thanks, angel.

We take turns being angels for one another
'Cause there's never been a day when we both wanna stay
Under the covers.
I guess we're both just lucky that it works that way.
And, thank heaven we're not all crazy on the same day.

Listen to the song here.

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