Monday, February 20, 2006

Illustration Friday: Song

Wouldn't it be the coolest if you actually could make your singing visible, like the picture? I barely shut up as it is, there would be no stopping me then!

In my day, I've sung with select choirs, madrigal groups, done songleading and solos at church, and had many amazingly wonderful fun years with these ladies (play some tracks, I'm on there) that had me singing at New York night clubs, on CDs, in a PBS Christmas special, and flying across the country.

I won't lie, I miss it.

But nowadays I have something way more my speed: my church's choir director lets me sing whenever I feel like it. They leave a mic set up in the choir area and email me the song list for the month. I sing harmony, whatever harmony I want, along with the songleader in front of the church. If I don't like the song, I skip it. (HA!) If we show up late, I jump in whenever I can. The whole family sits with me, and is getting used to the fact that sometimes Mama's going to go stand over there for a minute, and if you know what's good for you, you will not make a peep until she's done (that mic picks up everything!) Everyone seems to like it, and it makes me so joyful to sing again in public but not have to sweat the small stuff or worry if I'll faint in front of everyone.

At Christmas, Paul (I met him in the choir, you know) and I sang a duet together. We first sang it 10 years ago when we began dating, and have sung it almost every Christmas since. As we sang it this year, I looked over at him, and thought, If someone would have told the two of us then that 10 years later we would be still singing it together, each with a baby on our hip, and our oldest twirling around in front of us, we never would have believed it.

Then again.... maybe we would.

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