Sunday, May 13, 2007

every day in may: thirteen

The fairies left another note for the kids today. We're gathering their letters in a beautiful box Sophie made me in preschool and gave me today, painted pink and covered with gorgeous shiny (fake!) gemstones of varied shape and color. We found the note on the fairies' rock while Daddy planted the little blue hydrangea bush he gave me.

Three years ago, I had the most heartbreaking Mother's Day ever when Angela was still in the NICU and I couldn't bring her home with me. I had a one-year-old and one newborn twin at home (who was on medications and a heart and lung monitor), and was making twice-daily trips to the hospital to visit Angela until she was well enough to come home. Peter was in for one month, Angela for almost 2 and a half. I thank God every Mother's Day since that my kids are strong and well and healthy, and that we're all together. My day was probably tame by most people's standards - but as long as we're all together, it's pure heaven to me.

Happy Mother's Day, to all moms, grandmas, nanas, and to everyone trying to become one.

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