Monday, May 21, 2007

every day in may: twenty-one

Just started a new one.

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I was asked recently what kind of supplies I use, and so I found this list I'd done a while ago of some of my favorite things.

Watercolour sketchpad. My sketchpad of choice is the Canson All-Media Book. It's acid-free, 90 lb. cold press paper that seems to take everything I throw at it: watercolour, ink, colored pencil, pastel, you name it. Mine's 9" x 12" and has 100 pages. This book is portable and lets me feel a lot freer to be experimental since I don't feel like I'm wasting a big sheet. I actually wish these did come in a bigger size. Which leads me to...

Watercolour pocket box. This is a wonderful travel box of watercolours that you can fit in your pocket. It's the Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colour Sketcher's Pocket Box. (phew!) It has 12 half pans of paint and comes with a tiny brush. When we went to Italy, I brought these and painted all my pictures with these tiny paints. They're really marvelous.

The Watercolor Bible is something you should check out at your library for even more watercolor fun.

I also draw with mechanical pencils, gummy erasers, and paint with whatever brushes are on sale and come in a pack. I occasionally scan in art and add finishing touches in Photoshop (like that crosshatching), but I really enjoy leaving things in their natural state and staying away from the almighty Undo.

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