Thursday, January 10, 2008


My computer, sad to say, is making the click-click-click sound that signals hard drive failure. That and the fact that all we can get on the screen is a little folder with a flashing question mark, which is much less scary then the sad mac with Xs for eyes, mean that some major repairs are in order. (I'm writing this from my work computer.)

This means, until Paul fixes it (hopefully this weekend), I have no scanner; so you can't see the three gorgeous new paintings I've been working on; no email past what I could get online this week (so if you've written me something important in the past month and I haven't answered you, please send it again or be patient because I can't access my old emails right now); I can't take any print orders because (a) I don't know if I got them, and (b) I can't scan them, and (c) I can't print them. Things are backed up okay, I just can't get to them.

In a way, it's kind of nice because it's forcing me to spend more time away from the lure of the screen in my studio; and it's also incredibly frustrating for all the reasons listed above. So I'll just have to keep painting and have a little art show when my scanner does get back in action.

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