Tuesday, February 19, 2002

I had a fun weekend at my parents'. It was like a big sleepover.... We watched movies, ate donuts, made pizza, and Mom taught me how to knit. (Not like I'm an expert....but I'm learning.) I've decided that I need an overhaul of some sort. Or at least a haircut. Or some kind of fashion style. Or something. I'm not cutting my hair short or anything drastic, but I do need a style or something. Okay, not a style....MY style. Maybe it's Spring in the air (ha! I think the groundhog is WRONG and we're going to get Spring sooner rather than later) that's making me want to go for more walks/runs and wear dresses more. I have at least formed my first fashion rule: 1. Never wear clothes that don't fit you. I just turned down free, new-to-me clothes, because they made me look like an opera singer. I used to wear anything because it was free, or I liked the color, or it was soft, and then I'd pass myself in the mirror and think how huge I looked (if I thought about it at all). No more. My fashion rules before this were, "The best clothes are someone else's" (I have a sweater of my brother's from like, 7th grade) and "It's fine to wear the same things in your hair as a 5-year-old." I still believe in these two, I just need to modify them. A little. linkage: Play dressup to your heart's content here and try out clothes on a model shaped just like you. This is so darn cool. Dress up french toast girl I swear I'm going to make this skirt, as soon as I find a good pillowcase. And then I'll post pictures.

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