Wednesday, February 06, 2002

I had to call my own answering machine {or answerphone, if you're British} and listen to my own voice relaying a long message about repairs to my car. I wasn't expecting it and it made me listen almost as if I were some impersonal third party. It was very odd. I sounded like I have a cold, which I maybe do. I sounded a little weary and tired, even though what I was saying was cheerful. I didn't sound like I always think I sound; in my head I always picture myself vocally as being some witty lass from channel 13 or NPR being breezy and cheery. Don't ask me why. Once upon a long ago I found a tape of myself from college, talking off the cuff, which I must have sent to someone. I listened to it, facsinated. I sounded fun, exciting, cheerful. I giggled. I wanted to know and befriend that girl on the tape. I couldn't believe that was me. Now, caught on tape again, I want to buy that tape-girl of today a mug of hot chocolate and take her out for some Thai food and listen to her problems. linkage: just in case you were going to send me this, I already have it, thanks: 'Sesame Street' gets big repaving {thanks to Mary and Tough Pigs and Muppet Central... the source for insider Muppet news.} Frank Oz pilots ABC comedy {thanks, Heidi}

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