Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Ohmigosh... I can't believe India Arie didn't get a single Grammy. She was nominated for 7. Her songs are beautiful, original, whimsical, lovely. SO unfair. I know she doesn't get airplay, but I thought that wasn't s'posed to have anything to do with the voting. Not to take anything away from Alicia Keys, but I think India Arie's just better. (sigh) I love her song "Strength, Courage, and Wisdom." She's wonderful. On a side note.... in the synchronicity department.... they're doing the Al Green tribute, and what's the first song that they sing? "Precious Lord, Take My Hand," the song that me and the girls sang a cappella on our retreat. Not a song you hear on tv every day. Neato. Note to self: need to join a gospel choir. Definitely. ps ~ painted lots last night. will paint more now.

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