Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Somehow, the 60-degree weather has done a job on lifting my spirits. It's either that or the fact I am wearing one of my favorite outfits of all time today, fitting for today's Spring-like qualities: green overalls, pale green shirt with green and white flowers embroidered across the top (God, I love Target), hiking boots, and bright, Kermit-green enamel barettes. So much for style....! I've recently decided with my hubby that we are spinning our wheels, waiting for things to happen. Waiting for the house to get done, waiting for the weather to get nicer, waiting till we're not so tired, waiting till the end of the school year. No more waiting. I think the last thing I painted was our Christmas card, and that makes me pretty depressed since I'm s'posed to be an ARTIST, after all, last time I checked. I have all these ideas in my head of things I want to paint; things that I don't care if they're any kind of good or even if anyone sees them at all. They just need to get out of my brain and onto the paper. I want to drip watercolour everywhere in big puddles. I want to get messy and paint until it's late at night and I look up and am astonished at the time. I want to have to keep checking that I don't mistake my Earl Grey for the water jar and dip my brush in it. I want to constantly be peeling dried paint and rubbing marker stains from my fingers all the time like I did in college. I want to not think about resolution, dpi, image tags, saving my work... I want a world where there is no undo command and I will have to learn to love my happy accidents and take it from there. Is that so damn much to ask?

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