Friday, June 06, 2003

"The Antidote for the Overwhelming" I have to share this: "My friend showed me a quilt she made.... one little piece at a time. No single piece of her creations is all that impressive. But when you see the whole tapestry, it's beautiful. And assembled, not all at once, but one little piece at a time. She didn't work on a flag or a quilt. She worked on one piece at a time. Which is exactly how God weaves the amazing tapestry of your life and mine. He sees the whole thing, the finished product. We see the piece in front of us. It's this little 24-hour thing we call a day." Although I know this, there's still a part of me that tries desperately to do everything, perfectly, right now. I need to remember that baby steps are okay, and right now, they are the only way I will get anything significant done. I went to this favorite site yesterday, and got so incredibly jealous reading about what everyone else was doing. Not that I think I'm better; but I'm aching to do those things too. My mom would be the first to say, "stop beating yourself up, those people don't have full-time jobs and newborns too." But it doesn't stop the ache completely. From my journal: ...the strong conviction I've had lately about redesigning FTG, the site, getting cards printed -- I feel like this orange carpet of a path has opened up and is rolling and bouncing along in front of me, and all I have to do is step on it -- just like Dorothy -- and it's going to take me somewhere just wonderful. I need to remember that Dorothy got to the Emerald City one step at a time. And that in the end, she had what she needed in her heart all along.

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