Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Star-struck. Happy birthday to my second-favorite Paul. I think there should be one person in everyone's life that still gets you a little star-struck. If I actually met Paul #2, I would probably faint, or throw up, or do something equally as impressive. I used to write him fan letters in the 80s. When I was in college and went to his first concert in over a decade, by some happy quirk of fate we had our tickets upgraded so that we were in a row of folding chairs in front of the first row (they were filming a documentary and needed girls to sit in the front rows and scream. I obliged.) I used to wear a denim jacket that I had handpainted "The Beatles" on the back of it with acrylic paint. I used to wash that tour shirt in Woolite so it would last longer. And I still love, love, love, his music. Think about this... who would you faint for if you met them in person? Do you think you'd be disappointed? Or would you know exactly what to say?

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