Monday, June 30, 2003

More toastiness than you can imagine Summertime brings lots of great things. Weekends lounging in the hammock. A long-anticipated book and the time to read it. Strawberries and raspberries growing in the garden. Swimming. Shorts and flirty dresses. Lemonade. And... A redesigned French Toast Girl site! French Toast Girl is 4 years old this July. To celebrate, the site's getting a much-needed face-lift and reorganization. What you'll see: • Vivid, juicy colors • A totally retooled gallery with a new special "peek in the sketchbook" feature to see sketches and projects that haven't made it to the gallery yet • A shop with frenchtoastgirl merchandise, cards, and special artwork and projects you won't find anywhere else. • Special free items like wallpapers, screensavers and icons to make your computer more toasty • A whole new organization – condensing some sections and making others easier to find – and the addition of some new sections • And, as always, fun, insightful art and articles. The goal is to have it all built and completed this summer – with a four-month-old, time for artwork can be hard to come by, so please be patient ;) The home page is done, and thanks to all the back-end work I did last summer, updating the rest of the site should be (relatively) simple. In the meantime, there are many many new photos of Sophie for your viewing enjoyment, and at last – a Sophie movie! Her favorite game is "Where's Sophie", and you'll get a chance to hear the best baby belly laugh in the whole world.

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