Monday, June 02, 2003

Sophie goes to the eye doctor We're taking Sophie to the eye doctor tomorrow. Since birth, she hasn't opened her right eye completely. Her eye appears to be fine, it's just her eyelid. We complained since day one but the doctors all assured us it was temporary and that she'd grow out of it. Surprise, it hasn't taken care of itself; and at our last pediatrician's visit a month ago he agreed that something really needed to be done. It's been mentioned to me that Paul and I are Sophie's advocates in this world. It's true -- we need to speak up for what's right for her. It makes me feel proud and determined. While I am relieved that we're having it looked at, I'm scared that they're going to want to operate. I'm torn between being upset about the possibility of an operation and the possibility that she can eventually lose the sight in that eye if we do nothing. Any prayers you can offer are welcomed. :)

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