Friday, April 08, 2005

By the numbers I'm working madly, and I have never felt so creative and yet so bottled up. I have 57 posts I could write, 100 things I want to discuss deeply, at least 9 letters I want to write to people, 15.5 sketches my fingers are itching to draw, not to mention the 302 things I want to clean up and change about my environment. I feel so frustrated at having to plod forward, one project at a time, when I want to fly in 100 directions at once. And yet I'm pouring everything I've got into doing work I'm proud of, right here and now. I'm living every moment fully, whether it's neighing like a wild pony with one baby clinging to my back and the other two chasing me around the coffee table, or discussing organic foods with the manager at the local ShopRite and getting them to order in higher quantites (yes!), or preparing final artwork for one book and getting excited about a new opportunity. I'm trying to say YES to everything I can, and enjoy it.

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Anonymous said...

You forgot Andrew Jackson’s Big Block of Cheese with nary a macaroni in sight.