Thursday, May 12, 2016

Every Day in May: 12

Turtle Wexler

from The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin


" 'My mother says I looked just like a turtle when I was a baby, sticking my head out of the blanket. I still look like a turtle, I guess, but I don't care.' "

"Turtle skipped school. She was in trouble enough, but she could build her own school and hire her own kind of teachers once she became a millionaire."

" 'I never told you this, Jake, but I've always had a sinking sensation that the hospital mixed up the babies when Turtle was born.' "


Turtle Wexler is a girl who is known for kicking people in the shins, especially if they pull her braid. There's a huge mystery afoot at her apartment building, and she is named as one of 16 possible heirs to win a fortune, if she can solve all the clues. But instead of coming off like a brat, Turtle is extremely likable. She's clearly not the number-one daughter in her family - that honor goes to her beautiful sister Angela - but she tries hard to win attention and her their love by being bright and smart. Turtle strives to be accepted on her own terms and pays attention to the tiniest of details, which helps her solve another mystery along the way that directly affects her family. It's a fun read for all ages. I don't want to describe too much and give away any of the mystery or clues. All I'll say is - BOOM!

I also want to note that author Ellen Raskin is not only an amazing author but was first a designer and illustrator. One of her more famous covers made a very brief appearance in Tuesday's entry, or see it in full here. She's the only person I can think of who had artwork on the cover of two Newbery Award winners, one of them being her own book.

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