Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Every Day in May: 18


from the book and webcomic by Noelle Stevenson


" 'I'm a shark!' "

" 'You can’t just go around murdering people. There are RULES, Nimona.' "

" ' This is what you wanted, isn't it? You went looking for a monster. Well, here I am.' "


I first read Nimona online, as it was published section by section by the uber-talented Noelle Stevenson. I shared it with my kids and got them caught up, and we waited eagerly for each new chapter to appear - probably the way Victorians waited for the next chapter of the latest Dickens. We were so thrilled by all the accolades and awards Nimona has won and the fact that it's been published on paper means that it can reach an even wider audience.

Nimona is an entity like no other. When we first meet her, she's a shape-shifter who approaches the sinister and one-armed Lord Ballister Blackheart in hopes of becoming his sidekick. She wants to help him defeat Lord Ambrosius Goldenloin (how I love these names, seriously) and wreak havoc on the Institution.

Nimona doesn't look like your average heroine. Most of her head is shaved, she has multiple piercings, and she is muscly, strong, and round - there is nothing waif-like and delicate about her. She's snarky and funny, but there's a very old wound there and a mystery about her to be solved. We just love her. You can give her a read here.

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