Saturday, May 28, 2016

Every Day in May: 29

Pippi Longstocking
From the books by Astrid Lindgren 


"‘He’s the strongest man in the world.’

‘Man, yes,’ said Pippi, ‘but I am the strongest girl in the world, remember that.' "

" 'Don’t you worry about me. I’ll always come out on top.' "

" ' I don’t suffer from freckles,' said Pippi.
Then the lady understood, but she took one look at Pippi and burst out, 'But, my dear child, your whole face is covered with freckles!'
'I know it,” said Pippi, “but I don’t suffer from them. I love them. Good morning.'
She turned to leave, but when she got to the door she looked back and cried, 'But if you should happen to get in any salve that gives people more freckles, then you can send me seven or eight jars.


Pippi is a true free spirit. She lives alone, makes her own clothes, and has a horse and a monkey named Mr. Nelson. She washes herself and her clothes at the same time in the same tub, and then pours the entire tub on the floor, ties brushes on her feet and skates around the room to scrub the floor. Her cheerful spirit and enthusiastic attitude make for great adventures. It's no wonder Pippi Longstocking has charmed children and adults alike for years.

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