Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Every Day in May: 25

Molly Grue

from The Last Unicorn by the fabulous Peter S. Beagle


" 'She is the last. She is the last unicorn in the world.'

" 'She would be.' Molly sniffed. 'It would be the last unicorn in the world that came to Molly Grue.' Molly said, 'It's all right. I forgive you.'

" 'Unicorns are not to be forgiven.' The magician felt himself grow giddy with jealousy, not only of the touch but of something like a secret that was moving between Molly and the unicorn. 'Unicorns are for beginnings,' he said, 'for innocence and purity, for newness. Unicorns are for young girls.'

"Molly was stroking the unicorn's throat as timidly as though she were blind. She dried her grimy tears on the white mane. 'You don't know much about unicorns,' she said."


I had drawn Molly previously in an Illustration Friday entry. I've mentioned about my favorite book in middle school; The Last Unicorn is my current favorite book and has been for quite some time. It's got humor and heart but it reads like poetry.

It wasn't until I read the book as I was older that I got Molly Grue. Really, really understood her. She feels that the best of her life has passed her by. The part of the book where she meets the unicorn for the first time and cries, "How dare you, how dare you come to me now, when I am this?" brings me to tears every time.

She's described as bony, pointed, sharp. She makes bold statements about what she feels is true and doesn't mince words or suffer fools. But as the book goes on, and she has more contact with the unicorn and her plight, she becomes softer and begins to allow herself to open up. It's a beautiful story and she's a bright and wonderful part of it. If you haven't read it, or have only seen the movie, do yourself a favor and pick it up today.

Bonus shot - the autographed hardcover edition Paul got me for Christmas one year.

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