Wednesday, January 09, 2002

Bought myself (and Paul) flowers on the way home from work yesterday. Big shaggy flowers, some daisies and chrysanthemums too, in bright happy colors. In the checkout line, the woman in front of me started up a conversation (I love that! Sometimes I start them.) about my gorgeous flowers. I said that I walked right by them and decided to pick up a bunch because they were, in fact, so gorgeous. "I deserve them!" I announced to her and the checkout lady. For $4.99, how can you afford not to do something so simple and nice for yourself? It sure helped to lift my spirits. ps ~ meatballs came out okay but take time: not really cooking time but cleaning time of the stove, the floor, and the 3 pots I had to use but didn't fit in the dishwasher. But, I now have 6 meal containers with ziti and 2 meatballs each saved for Nana, Paul's mom, and of course, the meatball king himself, Paul.

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