Saturday, January 05, 2002

Wow! It's a new year... finally! I have been so so so busy with life in general that I have had no time to just note anything down. I saw in the New Year in an emerald-sequined dress, with long white gloves and a tiara. Why not start the new year off right? We went to our friends Jon & Liz's new house and Heidi and I dressed as if we were going to be presented to the queen of England. I think we just may start a trend.... I've been spending a lot of time working on my talk on renewal for the upcoming Cornerstone retreat in February. Remember before when I wrote, "I gotta be me?" Well, now I gotta be me in front of a whole bunch of people who don't know me from Adam. It was suggested to me that I let everyone know that I'm an artist and interpret things in a very visual way so they understand better where I'm coming from. I think that's a good suggestion. I have listened to the Phil Collins song "Find a Way to my Heart" about 30 times in the past week... Paul made me a special mix [oh, the things you can do with a home studio!] for the retreat. I'm very blessed to have his help. So... do I have resolutions? Yup. My theme for this year is to LEARN. I want to be open to learn all sorts of things this year: a new computer program, how to make a fire in the fireplace myself, where the cables go when you need to jump-start the car. I may even sign up for a class or two. I also want to do yoga on a regular basis. It helps keep me calm and relaxed and stretched out.

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