Wednesday, January 30, 2002

The French Toast Girl is proud to present.... Wacky stuff people have typed in to get to my site! Yes, believe it or not, these are some of the actual things people have typed in to get to my site. I have a feeing they were probably a little disappointed when they finally got there.
  • unclothed French Girls
  • dress and pick a girl
  • how do I make french toast {I'm actually going to address that one}
  • French smoking girls
  • French call girls
  • what to do when you park with a girl
  • how to French a girl
  • photos of two girls french kissing
  • check her out {not sure what the connection is there}
  • spanking tools {because I said "brand-spanking new" on the home page}
  • sexiey French girls {nice spelling, eh?}
  • ...and now I’ve shown up on something called “Super Sex Search” looking for French girls. Lovely. linkage for today to make me laugh 'cos I need it: The On-Line, Pre-Date Confidence Builder Egotistical Productions, a website produced by, written by, starring, and organized by my very talented brother. Make sure you get the Clump teaser... you'll be hooked for sure.

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