Thursday, January 24, 2002

Putting on a smile, because I want to try to celebrate Nana's wonderful life, although we're all going to miss her terribly. I mentioned previously that I was doing a gratitude journal this year. Last night, I just stared at the page for ages, thinking, what was there to be happy about today? I remarked that I was at somewhat of a loss to my husband, and he seemed surprised. "You have me," he said. And he was right. So I wrote that down. And then I realized all I did have to be thankful for: 1. That I got to know Nana and have her be a part of my life. 2. That she came into my life just when my Grandma died and so God gave me another chance to have a grandmother. 3. That I was able to make her meatball recipe and have her try it out (and she liked it!) so I know I got it right. 4. That I have such a loving family, on both sides, that cares so much about me. Today I scanned in 2 Nana pictures: The first is a group picture, where of course, Nana is the center of attention and having a great time. The second picture shows Nana with her shades, tossing back some water (that happened to be in a champagne glass). My very favorite Nana picture. I was okay until I got home from work and saw that Paul had out one of Nana's recipes and had photocopied it for his sister. That, for some reason, was more real than any photograph.

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