Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Do you remember the song "Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood?" from Sesame Street? Well, we decided that Sophie needs to learn about some other jobs (like the ones Mommy and Daddy have!) when we sing it to her. So we wrote the following verses.... and we encourage you too: can you write a verse for Sophie about your job? If you want to start a magazine Or decide between two shades of green If your webpage needs to be designed The ART DIRECTOR's who you have in mind Oh the art director's a person in your neighborhood.... - and - If you'd like to learn to play some Bach Or Rachmaninoff or jazz or rock If you want to play some Mozart* too The PIANO TEACHER's here for you Oh the piano teacher's a person in your neighborhood.... *can also substitute "some Mozart" for "the Beatles", "George Winston", "Beethoven", etc. So go ahead, write a verse for Sophie... and yes! Being a Mom definitely counts as a job! ;)

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