Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Sophia Italiana Sophie, Snowflake, and I sashayed downtown to the local Gelateria last night for a taste of summer. Mine was mango and we brought back some Tiramisu gelato for the hard-working hubby. I still dream of Italy and all the gelato we ate there.... the very best was in Rome; it was Tiramisu gelato that actually had hunks of ladyfingers in it and rum. Yum.... after work today I will put on a long floaty dress and pretend I'm back in Florence with my sweet little Sophia. I want to hold your nose No joke, a guy is selling Paul McCartney's flu germs on eBay. He insists that he caught the flu from Paul himself, and now, for a nominal fee, you can share Paul's cold. You can either get a container of mucus, or he'll breathe into a plastic bag for you; it's your choice. *Note to my Paul: this is not what I want for Mother's Day.

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