Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Spring is here, darnit I can't believe this: SNOW in April. Although Old Man Winter was trying to make a comeback, I thwarted him by running outside and clipping a hyacinth from my garden to bring inside. Now I'm working in a room that's almost the same purple as the flower and the ceramic jar it's resting in. This one little stalk is stealthily spreading its musky perfume throughout the rooms and it's just heavenly. Sophie is all in pale greens and yellows today and looks like a sweet little flower. And I have strawberries waiting for me that my hubby bought us. Ha! Take that, Old Man Winter! What happened today to make you laugh? That's a line from a book we read to Sophie. And I really do try to keep it in mind. Sunday at about dinnertime I realized that virtually nothing fun had happened to her the whole day because Paul and I were working so hard getting various things done. So we put on James Brown and danced with her, read to her, sang to her... the kind of things we normally do but didn't get to that much that day. I wonder what will happen to her today to make her laugh?

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