Friday, April 11, 2003

I'm crazy. I must be crazy. I have actually started to redesign my website and I started a store at CafePress as well. Nothing's done or in it yet, but I started. Why can't I leave well enough alone? Why can't I just shut off the computer and stop creating? I'm sorta thrilled that I can't seem to turn off the faucet, but a part of me is standing aside, telling me to hold on and think things through.... I really need to focus my energies and decide what I want to do. My mind is going all the time: at 3 a.m.; when I make dinner; when I see anything that inspires me. I make a mental note or bookmark it for later, but I have to figure out what the heck I want to do with it all. I'm thinking of starting The Artist's Way again or at least doing morning pages to sharpen my focus. I know that I want to market myself this year... but with what? Do I get a rep for my artwork? Do I only stick with the things I can produce myself? And how much time will I have to produce anything myself with a 6-week old baby on my lap? I know I have to start out very very very small... it's just hard because there's a creative river that's about to spill over everything, and if I could contain any of it and figure out how to use it, I'd be pretty darn grateful. What I need is a Master Plan.

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