Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Big 35 List

Back again, my list of now 35 things I hope to accomplish by next August 15th. Some are simple, some are finite, some are ongoing. (See last year's list here.)


Write letters to artists I admire: SARK, Tomie dePaola, Paul McCartney (for starters).
I know, I know, this is the third year running I've said this. I'm really doing it this year.

2. Listen to more podcasts/online radio.
Some notables - I love love love Maccaradio; Pandora is cool; also digging Creative Mom Podcast and Spare the Rock radio show (via the awesome Kiddley)
3. Have regular (weekly would be lovely) artist's dates.
4. See these movies: Brother Sun, Sister Moon; The Agony and the Ecstacy, Waking Life.
5. Walk/bike whenever possible, instead of using the car.
6. Take up yoga again.
7. Make a puppet FOR MYSELF.
8. Revamp online store to have prints, new cards, and everything all under one roof.
9. Go out on regular dates with Paul. :)
10. Research licensing for my artwork.
11. Donate artwork for charity.
12. Try to get my artwork sold in local stores.
13. Record a song — either with Paul, or by myself, a cappella, in parts.
14. Go to the dentist.
15. Get a physical.
16. Walk every day.

Limit myself to one cup of coffee per day, with the goal of eliminating it altogether.

18. Write in Peter's, Angela's and Sophie's journals.
19. Read and complete the work in Walking in This World - the sequel to The Artist's Way (which I did on my Big 33 List)

Try to live responsibly - saving as much energy as possible; eating/feeding my family as organically as we can; recycling as much as possible - and teaching the kids about it.

21. Go on a retreat.
22. Get Christmas stuff done very early so I can enjoy Christmas.
23. Keep up the morning pages/journaling every day.
24. Have more of my artwork hanging up around the house.
25. Fix up studio the way I want it.
Cleaned, organized, and working on hanging up pictures.
26. Fix up purple room (the room I work in) the way I want it.
Room is cleaned out, sketches for window seat to come!
27. Focus on being content with where my life is right now, this instant.
28. Plan a vacation for our 10th wedding anniversary. Sans children.
29. Sell out the rest of my Christmas cards. People, I am so serious here.

Finally take all those Muppet quilt squares people made me for Sophie's baby shower and sew them into one rockin' quilt.

31. (Private painting note - will post when it's done.)
32. Sunscreen. Every day.
33. Participate in a fund-raising event/donate to a cause I feel strongly about.
34. Get my artwork shown in a gallery.
35. Say hello or good morning with a big smile to people I pass on the street - whether I know them or not.

So what's on your list?

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