Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sophie talks about playgrounds and honey. And being baked into a pie.

I am supposedly getting a nap, as we were up last night with the mischief twins, who managed not once but TWICE to get completely naked and poop in their cribs. Honestly, I swear that they are saving it all up because they must have each pooped four times yesterday. If they are so good at controlling when and where they go, purely to annoy me, why aren't they potty trained yet? Oh yes, purely to annoy me. Putting them each in two pairs of pajamas, backwards (zipper in the back), was enough to thwart them, but they let us know how incredibly mad they were looooong into the night. So, as I said, I'm supposed to be getting a nap but instead have been joined by Paul and his toolbox, putting up shelves, and the incredibly talkative and bouncy Sophie. I give up all attempts at rest and decide to do today's blog.

Sophie says we should talk about playgrounds: "I like slides, because I pretend they're honeycombs, and I pretend houses are honeycombs too. I like the honey in them. Honey comes from honeybees. Not all bees, honeybees. They get nectar from a flower. And they mix the honey and they put the honey in the wheel and they turn it. And then they put the honey in little bowls, and they make honey cookies. That's what they do, and then they eat them." (Who eats them? I ask.) "Me! Everybody!"

(At this point, Sophie makes screechy noises like a bat and wraps herself up in a blanket.)"I was baked in a pie.... I was baked in a pie. Grover fell on the pie, in the pie. I'm Grover!"

And people wonder why I'm so tired all the time....

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