Monday, November 06, 2006

Inspired by: Maira Kalman

For this week, the New York Times online is offering their Times Select articles free - so you can check out Maira Kalman's monthly illustrated tales. Everything's free; you sign up for getting the NYT in your inbox, and then you get to access Times Select for this week. And then you can see this month's witty travelogue on Paris, but also delve into the archives from months past. Fans of SARK's writing will enjoy the handwritten notes that accompany each painting. I highly recommend it. :)

From her children's books - the illustrated book of "Stay Up Late" by the Talking Heads.

I loved the illustrated Elements of Style the very first time I saw it. It's simply gorgeous.

(Sorry so short today - went to a wedding last night and have had about 4 hours of sleep. Lovely to see my family, but figured I'd type now while I was still coherent.)

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