Saturday, November 25, 2006

Time traveling

Got this via loobylu...

One week ago.... Sophie decided to give potty training a go again, thank you God. I've been afraid to talk about it for fear I'll jinx it.

One year ago.... we were putting on Peter's pj's backwards to prevent him from taking all his clothes and diaper off and "decorating" during his nap. Today, we're STILL doing it. He's tapering off... my next recourse is duct tape.

Two years ago.....I was getting over my PPD and preparing for our first christmas as a family of five. 2004 was easily the hardest, most wretched year of my life. I rejoiced when it was over. :)

Five years ago..... I started this blog! We had construction on our house, and George Harrison passed away.

10 years ago..... This lovely boy and I were planning a wedding.

What have you been doing?

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