Thursday, November 23, 2006

delighted, I'm sure

I've just been featured at delightfulblogs - if you want to say something nice there about this blog and my artwork or give me a rating, please do!

Other great places I've been linked to lately...

My incredibly driven and talented mama-friend Michelle shows what happens when Rufus and Lucy make a stop at our house on their national tour.

Creative Mom Podcast mentioned my take on the never-ending struggles to balance taking care of the kiddos with having time for my artwork in this episode.

Some lovely girls (hi, Casey!) at TV By Girls had a French-Toast-Girl-themed breakfast on their retreat where they served french toast and got everyone psyched to be Mad Chalkers! Woo hoo! When I got their first letter telling me what they planned to do, I actually cried because I was so honored. These teenagers are bright, articulate, and on their way to take the media world by storm. Yay!

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