Monday, November 27, 2006

Illustration Friday: (Necessity is the mother of) Invention

When your twins are bent on getting their clothes off as quickly as humanly possible, especially when they are supposed to be sleeping, and you are getting royally sick and tired of changing the bedding over and over again because after six months, while they are certainly improved but nowhere near being actually called toilet-trained, you put the pajamas on backwards where they can't reach the zippers. And then when they get out of that, you put on TWO pairs backwards.

So far that's been their limit, but I have one more trick up my sleeve. Next comes the duct tape. I am so not making this up; I read online on help boards for parents of older children who do this that duct-tape around the waist and on the zipper makes the pj's even harder to get out of. And the kids think it's hysterical. What can I say... I'll do whatever it takes to get the laugh. Especially if it gets me out of having to clean up pee. Again.

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