Tuesday, November 20, 2007

7 unusual things about me

Tagged by Leandra, painter of lovely flowers, here goes!

1. I have been mistaken, twice, for being black, which is very interesting since I am pretty darn pale. My favorite was the co-worker who said, "You know, a black woman like yourself would understand," and I actually turned around to look behind me to see who he was talking to. I am 100% Sicilian, which means I look like lots of different cultures because heck, they were invaded by everyone at one time in history or another. I think it's neat.

2. My name is pronounced "EL-en-uh", not "eh-LAY-nah". Hence the extra-I-added-it-to-make-you-think-twice-before-you-say-it accent.

3. Twins run in my family. The last set of twins before mine were fraternal, a boy and girl, just like my Angela and Petey.

4. I discovered I was having twins the day I fainted at church while songleading, took out the podium, had to be carried out during Mass on a stretcher, and the outcome was announced at church the next week. Everybody knew my story.... the cat was rather spectacularly out of the bag.

5. I took 5 years of German in school. Unfortunately, I recall very little of it.

6. I do remember lyrics to songs, commercials, and tv show themes I haven't heard for 30 years. Not to mention practically every Beatles song ever written. And I will sing them to you.

7. It is very hard for me NOT to sing. I sing at the store, to whatever's playing over the loudspeaker. I sing in the car, while I'm working, while I'm doing dishes, and make up my own (usually very silly) songs all the time.

And that's my meme for today! I have to tag seven people... so I'm tagging (do it or don't, whichever you choose): Egotistical Productions, Snowflake, Allyson, Craig, Kevin, Dan Ward, and Mimi. Go for it!

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