Tuesday, November 06, 2007


My cards arrived yesterday! (Squeeee!) While I'm really excited to have them, it wasn't what I planned on. Remember? I wanted 2-sided cards. I was going to have three different designs. And then the printer died and needed to be resurrected, and the cardstock we got wasn't printable on both sides, and I needed to hurry up and just get them done already*. But I am getting a thrill about having so many of them, and the kids are each carrying one around with them. Petey calls it his "library card" and it almost went to bed with him last night.

Right now, I'm completely exhausted, which I thought was some dire disease (note: do NOT look up symptoms online or you will terrify yourself needlessly) until my mom pointed out the 97 billion things I've been doing in the past two weeks, and not eating because I'm not hungry, and not sleeping. Surprise! It adds up. So instead of pushing it, instead of crawling up the stairs to put yet another piece of paper in the printer, I'm going to take it easy today. My mom is very philosophical about all this. "You take whatever you have finished by Sunday, and we set it up." That's about it. So I'm giving it up and trusting that whatever I have will be enough.

* Can I just say here how much I love Printing For Less... who also did my Christmas cards. They called me up before sending the proof because they wanted to make sure the blue was going to print the way I liked. Consulted Pantone colors with me. And then went and looked at my website, because they were genuinely interested in my artwork. They totally rock.

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