Friday, November 09, 2007

getting ready

Some shots from my studio floor:

Many many small framed prints for the craft fair this weekend. And here's a closer look:

Meanwhile, downstairs in the dining room, I've taken to making packs of holiday cards while the kids watch Sesame Street. Sophie helps count out the envelopes.

I am indebted to Kim Ward (sister of Dan ) for giving me this idea when she sent me a picture of how she framed my prints at her home. It was her idea to group the three paintings "tree/bird/heart", "storytime", and "nourishment" this way, and it works so well I'm bringing two of them. (THANK YOU!) The fairies are another grouping, and I'm making a fourth that will be all unicorns. My kids are already mad that these are not going in their own rooms.

(Sorry for the glare, I am not the best photographer; but you can see all the pics in this grouping here.)

And the printer chugs on.... making more unframed prints to bring. (And still, I feel unprepared!)

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