Monday, November 12, 2007

Odd things my sitters have taught me

We have been blessed to have some really wonderful sitters for our kiddos - most of the time I am right there in the house with them, because it does take two big people to sort out the three small ones, so I am on hand to learn all sorts of stuff. Some of it is quite silly, which naturally, I appreciate. Anyway, these things my sitters have shared with me, I now share with you:

Milk and Cereal - back in the day, Allison would sing this to baby Sophie while feeding her cereal and milk. She told us we had to find the video, and sure enough, it's been a staple ever since. Now Petey walks around the house with a bowl on his head singing "at the taaaaaable! In the morrrrrnnnning!" and takes himself just as seriously as these boys.

Candy Mountain - Charlie the Unicorn and his friends go in search of Candy Mountain. AmyAmyAmy (that's what the kids call her) and Hannah would recite bits of this all the time. I don't actually recommend you watch this with little kids, but I do think a PMS-y unicorn is pretty funny.

Potter Puppet Pals - Alex led me to this. It has Harry Potter (very good), it has puppets (excellent!), and a very silly soundtrack (always a good thing). I find it strangely compelling. I also like the one where Harry gets angst-y. And seriously, who wouldn't want a Snape puppet?

(Thanks, Jen! All the links work now.)

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