Friday, November 23, 2007

Should I do it?

I am getting really really really tired of my "look": I seem to have a lot of plain t-shirts and turtlenecks, jeans, dark colors. This summer I went searching for clothes that were more me: bright prints, whimsical/artistic shirts, and everything I find either seems to be (a) ridiculously expensive; (b) made for someone without my bosom/waist ratio (I refuse to wear clothing that makes me look like an opera singer) (c) only appropriate for a 14-year-old, which I am so obviously not. So it seems like I am going to be trying to make a top or two. Does anyone know of any good, tried-and-true blouse patterns?

And in the meantime, here's the Should I Do It part: I've had the same hairstyle forever. I'm thinking of getting out the scissors and cutting me some bangs. Should I do it?

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