Sunday, November 25, 2007

Time flies

One week ago... My hubby was making our entryway an art gallery, and my sis and her fiancee arrived from AZ, sleep-deprived, to come eat lots of pancakes and bacon with us (also sleep-deprived).

One year ago... I was doing NaBloPoMo, and was writing about how Peter and Angela needed their pj's on backwards and duct taped shut so that they would stop decorating their cribs with the contents.

Two years ago... I was dressing the kids as flowers and painting lots of pictures of them.

Five years ago... DANG! I was pregnant! And I was trying to work through setting up the store online and sell cards. Some things never change...(I'm referring to the trying to set things up online, not the pregnant part. Can I repeat? NOT PREGNANT NOW.)

Ten years ago... I was getting ready to celebrate my first Christmas as a married lady, in our sweet apartment. The first day I walked in, I knew where our Christmas tree would go.

And what have you been up to?

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